Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kittens with mittens and barking dogs

Welcome to the April 28th edition of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
We pick a subject, and your job is to interpret it anyway you want.
Write about it on your blog... simple as that.
Maybe you can interpret it as a picture - we don't care!
Please only leave a link if you have written a Thursday Thunks post.
Don't forget to go visit the other participants' blogs.
Read and comment about all their Thursday Thunks responses!
That's what all this is about after all, isn't it?
We'll have so much fun and become lifelong friends....

The TT questions are brought to you by Berleen, the color of easter eggs not found yet and the number zero

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1. Did you have a sugar overdose this past weekend?

2. What was the last thing you bought off of Ebay?

3. Springtime means bare feet. At least around here. Think about the last long walk you took, on purpose or not, how far did you walk?

4. You pull into someone's driveway. Four large German Shepards come to your car. They are barking, but not in a "I'm going to tear your jugular out" kind of way. What do you do?

5. What do you own the most of?

6. Did you hear there is a Royal Wedding this week? What is the most obnoxious wedding you have attended? And we wanna know why it was so obnoxious. The word "obnoxious" is defined any way you want it to be... expensive, ugly dresses, stupid guests... whatever.

7. Which one of the dwarfs that Snow White hung around with is your favorite? Which one do you think you are most like?

8. If I were to hand you an orange, how would you get the peel off?

9. Sometimes a person just doesn't think of these things - do you think Adam & Eve had a belly button?

10. Those little kittens lost their mittens. Why do kittens have mittens anyway?

Have a great day. Or not. See you next Thursday.
and remember, if you don't blog (or do blog memes) you can always participate by posting your answers on the forums. We play there, too! Just look in the Psychward and find this week's Thunks thread!


Laura said...

I played along for the first time today! Thank you for organizing.

AZ Harveys said...

Kittens, mittens, smitten!
What do you call a Thursday Thunks that is usually posted on Wednesday but this time was posted on Sunday? Thursunesday? :)
Mine are up here

Mommy of Two said...

My first week...LOVE it!

Michelle said...

thanks for bringing this back!