Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thursday Thunks - The Christmas Version

Welcome to the December 23rd edition of Thursday Thunks!
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Thursday Thunks - The Christmas Version

The TT questions are brought to you by Berleen, the color of the foot spray on the table and the num
ber 25.

C- What color/flavor candy cane should I put in your stocking?

H- If Santa really comes down the chimney of people's houses and he busts out the bricks on the way down, do you think that is covered by his Christmas insurance?

R- Did you know that rabbits eat their own poop to get the nutrients from the food that they didn't get from it the first time they ate it?

I- Have you ever sucked on an icicle?

S- Do you think there is too much sex on tv?

T- We're eating tacos. Taco sauce - hot, medium, mild or OMG my butthole is going to hurt tomorrow! ?

M- Are you sick of Christmas music yet?

A- Add up the number of windows in your house, subtract that number by the number of doors you have in your house, multiply that by the number of hallways you have in your house and then add the number of light switches. Whats your answer?

S- You build a snowman (yes you really do), what color hat do you have him wear? And now you are going to build a sand castle (yes, shut up, you do that too), does it have a moat?

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Have a great day. Or not. See you next Thursday.


Lady Sinistral said...

It's been waaaaay to long since I've played!

Cat. said...

Merry Christmas!!!! :-)